Itulu Etidloie




Date of Birth:     June 15, 1946                                        Male/Female:    Male E7-989


Place of Birth:    Cape Dorset






Etulu is the son of late Cape Dorset graphic artists, Etidlooie (1911 – 1981) and Kingmeata Etidlooie (1915 – 1989).  Etulu’s younger brother, Kellypalik Etidlooie (1966) is also a carver.  Etulu’s son, Isacci Etidloie is also a very talented sculptor in Cape Dorset.




April 1976                                                          Baffin Island Sculpture Exhibition

                                                                        Baffin Regional School

                                                                        Iqaluit, NWT


March – April 1982                                             Songs in Stone

                                                                        The Arctic Circle

                                                                        Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


September – October 1984                                 On The Land

                                                                        The Arctic Circle

                                                                        Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


February 1993                                                   Kunstwerke der Inuit

                                                                        Presented by CreARTion, Eppstein in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Association of Canadian Studios at the Hotel am Badersee

                                                                        Grainau, Germany


February – April 1997                                         Stone & Bone

                                                                        The Inuit Master Carvers of the Canadian Arctic

                                                                        The North West Company

                                                                        Held at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities

                                                                        Ketchum, Idaho. U.S.A.


April – May 2001                                                Spirit of the Walrus

                                                                        Feheley Fine Arts

                                                                        Toronto, Ontario

                                                                                                (illustrated brochure)

August – September 2001                                  Nuliajuk: Mother of the Sea Beasts

                                                                        Houston North Gallery

                                                                        Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

May – October 2002                                           Arctic Families: An Exhibition of Inuit Art

                                                                        (Online exhibition)

                                                                        Galerie Inuit Plus

                                                                        Timmins, Ontario


2006                                                                 Rhythms in Motion

                                                                        Galerie d’art Vincent

                                                                        Ottawa, Ontario

                                                                                                (illustrated catalogue)

December 2005 – January 2006                          Small Sculptures by Great Artists

                                                                        Feheley Fine Arts

                                                                        Toronto, Ontario


March – April 2006                                             Amarok: The Wolf

                                                                        The Albers Gallery

                                                                        San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


December, 2010                                                Small Sculptures by Great Artists

                                                                        Feheley Fine Arts

                                                                        Toronto, Ontario

                                                                                    (illustrated catalogue)


January – February, 2011                                   Small Treasures 2011

                                                                        Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

                                                                        Vancouver, British Columbia



April, 2011                                                         Flight Across the Tundra

                                                                        Balzac Fine Arts

                                                                        Toronto, Ontario


January, 2012                                                    Small Treasures

                                                                        Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

                                                                        Vancouver, BC










Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario

GE Canada Inuit Art Collection, Mississauga, Ontario

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia

Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba