Noah Jaw




Date of Birth:     February 12, 1976                                  Male/Female:    Male                            


Place of Birth:    Cape Dorset


Mother:             Martha Elisapee Mathewsie Jaw 


Father:              Mathew Saveakjuk                    



Noah’s older brother, Kellipalik Jaw is also a carver in Cape Dorset.





December 1990                                                 New Miniature Sculpture

                                                                        Gallery Phillip

                                                                        Don Mills, Ontario, Canada


November – December 1995                               Miniaturen

                                                                        Inuit Gallery

                                                                        Mannheim, Germany



March – April 1996                                             Major/Minor

                                                                        Marion Scott Gallery of the Arctic

                                                                        Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


January 1997                                                     Stories in Stone:  A Canadian Inuit Art Exhibition held on the occasion of the trade mission to Korea lead by Prime Minister Jean Chretien

                                                                                    held in the Westin Chosum Hotel

                                                                                    Organized by McKnight Associates

                                                                                    Seoul, Korea


                                                                                                (illustrated catalogue)


2006                                                                 Rhythms in Motion

                                                                        Galerie d’at Vincent

                                                                        Ottawa, Ontario

                                                                                                (illustrated catalogue)


October, 2011                                                    Stone and Paper

                                                                        Cape Dorset 2011

                                                                        Native Art Gallery

                                                                        Oakville, ON

                                                                                    (illustrated catalogue)




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