Mary Oshutsiaq


Date of Birth:    November 5, 1972                                 Male/Female:    Female

Place of Birth:   Cape Dorset

Mother:             Omadluk Oshutchiak
Father:              Simeonie Osoochiak
Grandfather:      Osoochiak Pudlat
Uncle:               Pudlo Pudlat

Spouse:            Toonoo Simeonie
Mary started  to carve around 1985. She learned to carve by watching her mother and brother, Pitseolak.  Mary has fund and enjoys carving human figures.  She comes from a long line of artists in her family. Her mother, Omadluk, is a talented and versatile carver from whom May has learned much.  Her uncle, the late Pudlo Pudlat, and her grandfather, the late Osoochiak Pudlat, were both well-known Cape Dorset artists.

Mary often carves small scale sculpture in ivory and stone.  She depicts a variety of subject matter with exquisite attention to detail.

* Courtesy, Feheley Fine Arts.


November – December 1995                             
Inuit Galerie
Mannheim, Germany

March – April 1997                                            
Marion Scott Gallery
Vancouver, British Columbia

November – December 2000                             
Small Sculptures by Great Artists 2000
Feheley Fine Arts
Toronto, Ontario
(illustrated brochure)

November – December 2000                             
Die Kunst aus der Arktis
Exhibition title: Arctic Impressions
Canadian Arctic Gallery (Grunder)
Hammerstrasse 50, Switzerland
(illustrated catalogue)

Art by Women: An Investigation of Inuit Sculpture and Graphics
Feheley Fine Arts
Toronto, Ontario

November – December 2006                             
Arctic Miniatures
The Albers Gallery
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

January – February, 2009                                  
Small Treasures
Inuit Gallery of Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia

December, 2010                                               
Small Sculptures by Great Artists
Feheley Fine Arts
Toronto, Ontario
(illustrated catalogue)

January – February, 2011                                  
Small Treasures 2011
Inuit Gallery of Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia


Musee d’art Inuit Brousseau, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada