Simon Lefrançois

Simon Lefrançois is a self-taught sculptor, well known in southern Québec for his individual style. Carved in a wide variety of woods, his renditions of fauna demonstrate a great deal of fantasy and humor, expressing his unique, quizzical perspective on animal life. Simon Lefrançois participates in Québec's popular Route des arts annually, and Loondance Gallery has represented him for many years.

There are sculptures created only in wood,  and sculptures crafted in combinations of metal and wood. In all, we present twenty original pieces by Simon Lefrançois for your artistic appreciation. To ensure durability, the artist has treated every sculpture and base, most often by applying a satin varnish.

The three-dimensional all-wood sculptures are carved in maple or in pine. They are mounted on bases fashioned from cherrywood, oak, birch, pine or ash. Most of the time, the artist creates the base from a log on which he has left some of the bark. There are four all-wood pieces that can be wall-mounted, made in oak, pine and cedar.

The main materials in the wood-and-metal pieces are brushed metal, steel or another metal, combined with cedar, pine, cherrywood, larch or walnut on bases from maple, ash, oak, wild cherry, cedar or steel. The two bas reliefs are from walnut, pine and steel.

This selection of twenty works displays an intriguing range of artistic styles. There are alluring pieces of figurative art like the Horse Head, and sculptures with a marked folk art character like the Farmer and Three Cows. Simon's art frequently takes liberties with known reality and expresses original viewpoints about living creatures. Take the Three Geese, for example, with their twisting, craning necks, or the attractive Imaginary Fish as it nibbles delicately at some sea-floor food.

Due to this sculptor's ability to link his imagination to his hands, there are pieces of a poignant beauty, like Violin, and others of a riveting emotional force, like Lion Face. The Rooster in brushed metal has a glorious presence, while the Bird with eight different animal faces appeals to us for its rounded classical character.

Simon Lefrançois' imagination is original and touches us unusually. A metal plant sprouts from a life-like wooden Hand; and a leaf in pine becomes a surrealist Clock suspended from a twig of steel.