Mary Pudlat


Date of Birth:    May 3, 1923                                          Male/Female:    Female E7-1005                                   
Place of Birth:   Arctic Quebec; Resided, Cape Dorset

Deceased:        February, 2001



“A prolific Canadian Inuit artist, Mary Pudlat retains clear memories of her early years living in the traditional Inuit hunting lifestyle in the area near Povungnituk in Arctic Quebec.  Orphaned as a teenager, she lived for a while with her brother in Ivujivik before moving to Baffin Island in the early 1940’s.  There she married Samuelie Pudlat in 1943 and continued to live in the traditional semi-nomadic camps along the south shore of Baffin Island until she and her husband and children moved permanently to Cape Dorset in 1963.

At the time of Pudlat’s arrival in Cape Dorset the new West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative fine arts program was gaining momentum and she began to explore her own talent for drawing and sculpting in soapstone.  Pudlat’s artwork tentative at first, became increasingly confident.  Like many other Inuit artists she turned to her experience on the land for inspiration, carving and drawing birds, fish, human figures and activities from the traditional culture.  The selection of one of Pudlat’s images of a bear for inclusion into the 1964 – 1965 Cape Dorset Print collection gave her initial encouragement but he demands of her young family and custodial work that she occasionally performed for the Co-operative left her limited time for her art in the following years.  After her husband’s death in 1979, however, and with her children becoming more independent, Pudlat returned to drawing during the 1980’s.”

                                                            Marion E. Jackson
In “North American Women Artists of the Twentieth
Century: A Biographical Dictionary”, 1995.

This 2001 annual print collection is dedicated to the memory of Mary Pudlat, who died in February of this year at the age of seventy-five.  Mary has been a long-time contributor to the annual graphics collections, and an enthusiastic participant in all aspects of the printing program at Cape Dorset.  Her work was typically charming on the surface but often contained complex references to another time and place; the camp scenes of her childhood and the stories she heard as a young girl growing up on the Ungava and South Baffin peninsulas.  She lived to be an old woman and for many years a widow.  She was highly respected in the community and especially loved by the children for her expressed affection, a ready smile and terms of endearment.  She was involved for many years as an elder with the community day-care and created the drawings for a colouring book which was used to raise funds for the Centre.

Mary Pudlat was born in 1926 in Arctic Quebec near the present-day community of Povungnituk.  She migrated to the Cape Dorset area in the early 1940’s, settling in the Cape Dorset area.  Mary married Samuelie Pudlat, a widower with two small children.  His brothers were Pudlo and Osoochiak, both well-known graphic artists. They lived in numerous small camps in the South  Baffin area until Samuelie began full-time, wage employment in 1960 with the newly formed West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative.  At that time, Mary started to draw.  Her first work was published in 1966 and she has contributed work to the annual graphics collection ever since.  She was also commissioned by the Government of the Northwest Territories to create a large mural to hang in the new Iqaluit Visitor’s Centre which opened in 1991.
Samuelie and Mary both were very supportive of the Co-operative’s development in Cape Dorset; Sam was one of its earliest employees, a position he held until his retirement shortly before his death in 1988.  The community’s new junior school, completed in 1990, is named after him.  Mary’s adopted children are now mature adults (Pitaloosie Saila is Samuelie’s daughter from his first marriage).

Mary is represented for the last time in this collection by three images in three different media; stonecut, lithography and etching/aquatint.  All of these editions were underway at the time of Mary’s death.  Mary was able to sign the lithograph entitled, “Keeper of the Kelp” (2001-17); “Avataq (2001-16) and Tariurmiinngaaqtut” (2001-18) have been signed posthumously by her daughter-in-law, Sana.

                                                                        *West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative”


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1979     Participated in the first etching workshop at Cape Dorset.

1980     “Etching Portfolio I”. Mary was one of six artists who assembled a special portfolio of prints which is documented in the Cape Dorset Graphic annual catalogue, 1980.

1984     Norgraphics Commission. Mary was one of three artists to produce a collection of limited edition etchings; documented in the Cape Dorset Graphic annual catalogue, 1985.

1987     Norgraphics Limited. Mary was one of several artists whose work was acquired and released by Norgraphics Limited between 1982 and 1986. The works that were selected are documented in the Cape Dorset Graphic annual catalogue, 1987.

2001     Carol Happenstall at Art Space Gallery pulled a limited edition print of “Innugait” by Mary.  The drawing was submitted weeks before her death in February of 2001 and was printed in memory of her.


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