Jamasie Noah Kelly

NOAH KELLY               (JAMESIE)

Date of Birth:    October 2, 1978                                    Male/Female:    Male                            

Place of Birth:   Cape Dorset; also lived in Iqaluit

Mother:             Melia Kelly                   

Father:             Ititiq Kilabuk


Noah Kelly is a sculptor.


January 2004                                                    Arctic Spirits: Masterworks Exhibition

                                                                        Harris Gallery

                                                                        Toronto, Ontario, Canada

March – April  1999                                           Die Kunst aus der Arktis

                                                                        Inuit Galerie,

                                                                        Mannheim, Germany

                                                                        Held at the Rathaus Foyer

                                                                        Mainz, Germany

                                                                        (illustrated catalogue)

June – September, 2011                                   Bear Farandole

                                                                        Kulik Art Inuit

                                                                        Quebec City. Quebec

January – February, 2011                                  Small Treasures 2011

                                                                        Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

                                                                        Vancouver, British Columbia


July – August 1999                                            Noah Kelly

                                                                        Harris Gallery

                                                                        Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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