Johnnylee Pudlat




Date of Birth:     December 7, 1971                                              Male/Female:    Male


Place of Birth:    Iqaluit; resides Cape Dorset


Mother:             Padloo Saila Pudlat       

Father:              Saila Pudlat (deceased)


Born in Iqaluit, Johnny Lee  has lived most of his young life in Cape Dorset with his family.  Johnny Lee’s father, the late Saila Pudlat, was a carver as is his mother, Padloo Saila Pudlat.  Johnny Lee began carving in 1986 and is self-taught.  His preferred subject matter is birds and animals.*

                                                            *Courtesy, Feheley Fine Arts




February – April 1997                                         Stone & Bone

                                                                        The Inuit Master Carvers of the Canadian Arctic

                                                                        The North West Company

                                                                        Held at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities

                                                                        Ketchum, Idaho, U.S.A.



February – March 2001                                       Young Carvers from Cape Dorset: Johnny Lee Pudlat and Ashevak Adla

                                                                        Albers Gallery

                                                                        San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

                                                                                                (illustrated catalogue)


October – December 2002                                  Polar Bears: An Exhibition of Inuit Sculpture

                                                                        (Online exhibition)

                                                                        Galerie Inuit Plus

                                                                        Timmins, Ontario


September – October 2003                                 Johnny Lee Pudlat and Palaya Qiatsug (Sculpture)

                                                                        The Albers Gallery

                                                                        San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


Fall 2005                                                           Johnny Lee Pudlat: Sculpture

                                                                        The Albers Gallery

                                                                        San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


March – April 2006                                             Amarok: The Wolf

                                                                        The Albers Gallery

                                                                        San Francisco, California, U.S.A.




Summer 2009                                                    Summer Celebration

                                                                        Images of the North

                                                                        San Francisco



October, 2010                                                    Arctic Wind III: An Expression of Survival

                                                                        Coastal Peoples Gallery

                                                                        Vancouver, British Columbia

                                                                                                (illustrated brochure)


June – September, 2011                                     Bear Farandole

                                                                        Kulik Art Inuit

                                                                        Quebec City. Quebec









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